Caterers urged to give menus a sunshine boost


Care home providers have been urged to give residents a vitamin D boost in their menus as we head into the winter months.

To mark Vitamin D Day next Wednesday, Lakeland dairies company Pritchitts has released a new recipe booklet containing 12 dishes using Millac Gold Double with added vitamin D, to give menus a sunshine boost.

Simon Muschamp, head of marketing at Pritchitts, said: “We rely on sunlight to get vitamin D but during winter it can be difficult for the elderly to get the amount they need thanks to the UK climate, as well as some residents being housebound or confined indoors for long periods. Poor diet is also a contributing factor; low appetites, a special diet or difficulties swallowing, all mean that sometimes the elderly don’t get the vitamin D you can find in foods such as eggs, oily fish and red meat.

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“Experts recommend taking a daily supplement over the winter months, but caterers can play their part too by looking at ways to add vitamin D to menus, this awareness day and beyond.”

Vitamin D deficiency can mean serious repercussions for the elderly, including osteomalacia which can cause bone pain and tenderness. Studies have also shown it contributes to heart disease, bowel and breast cancer, as well as type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Caterers can claim their free recipe booklet and 1 litre Millac Gold Double with added vitamin D sample by clicking here.

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