EveryLIFE adds mobile app extension to PASSsystem monitoring software

Everylife Passsystem

EveryLIFE Technologies is adding a mobile app to its PASSsystem care monitoring system that allows family relatives to keep track of visits by care workers.

The mobile app, familyPASS, is available on Android and iOS phones and tablets. It integrates with the cloud-based PASSsystem monitoring system so that families of the person receiving care can view bookings, see who is scheduled to visit them, access their medication, nutrition and hydration information, and review the care plan that has been put in place for them.

They can also see the post-visit care notes and, if required, contact the care office via the app using a voice call or CareMail.

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“Currently, medication and healthcare notes are reviewed by managers only every 30 days. If someone has been given the wrong medication or the wrong dose, it can be up to 30 days before anyone realises,” explains Paul Barry, CEO, everyLIFE Technologies.

“This is no longer acceptable to customers and their families and systems like ours can deliver this information in real-time, supporting a transformational improvement in quality of care. We are seeing that the market is responding to this and we hope that The PASSsystem and exciting innovations like familyPASS will galvanise major improvements within homecare services.”

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