Woman died after care home failed to appropriately manage her diabetes

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An 86-year-old woman died after a care home failed to appropriately manage her diabetes, an inquest has heard.

Winchester Crown Court heard how Norma Mckiver, who was found to have high blood sugar after a test, was left to sleep at Barchester Healthcare’s Rothsay Grange Care Home in Andover, the BBC reported. She was found unresponsive the next morning and later died in hospital.

Coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemps concluded Ms Mckiver could have lived if she had been taken to hospital sooner.

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The inquest heard Ms Mckiver, who had type 1 diabetes and Alzheimer’s, was found to have a high glucose reading on the evening of 11 December 2019.

After being given insulin and showing an improved but “still raised” glucose level, Ms Mckiver was left to sleep by a nurse with no further blood sugar tests taken.

She was found unresponsive the following morning and taken to hospital where she died on 22 December.

Ms Mckiver’s daughter, Sarah Lee, said: “The home has obviously learnt lessons, which is so important going forward that it doesn’t happen to anyone else because it has devastated our family. We were let down and the coroner’s conclusion confirms that.”

A Barchester spokesperson said: “We offer our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Ms Mckiver. We have taken on board learnings and this has been recognised by the coroner in the preliminary report, noting that the home has made significant improvements in how they handle diabetic care.

“To deliver these improvements we have implemented new processes, delivered new training and acquired more monitoring diabetic equipment. These advances have been noted by the coroner but also by diabetic specialist nurses who support the home. The safety and wellbeing of our residents is hugely important to everyone at Rothsay Grange and we will maintain our focus on delivering the highest quality care going forward.”


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