Wimbledon care home may be demolished if Crossrail 2 plan goes ahead

Queens Court Care Home

A Barchester care home in Wimbledon is earmarked for demolition under the current plans for Crossrail 2.

The plans for Crossrail 2 still have years of planning consultation to go, but if they proceed as currently proposed, Queens Court Care Home on Queens Road will be knocked down.

Local newspaper Wimbledon Guardian spoke to the home’s general manager Shaaron Caratella after the residence earned a raging of 971 out of 1000 in a feedback survey of residents and visitors.

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“We strive to be perfect. We just want to make sure everyone has a good quality of life in the care home, whether they are staff, residents or relatives,” she told the Wimbledon Guardian.

But when she discovered news that the home was under threat from the new railway line she described it as a real shock. “We don’t want to lose our home,” she added.

“We are really hoping they will reconsider the route. We do want the Crossrail 2 development to go ahead, we just don’t want it to go through our care home,” Ms Caratella said.


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