‘We won’t hire someone who refuses vaccine,’ leading care provider says


Leading care home provider Barchester Healthcare has said it won’t hire people who refuse to have the COVID vaccine on non-medical grounds.

The leading operator’s announcement follows reports that up to one in five care home workers are declining vaccinations.

A Barchester spokesperson told CHP: “Our current position is that we are will not hire someone who has refused to have the vaccine on non-medical grounds. We have not said that we will sack staff who refuse the vaccine on non-medical grounds; instead we have brought in behavioural nudges which we hope will encourage staff to be cognisant of the responsibility we have to protect our residents and relatives. Staff can make their own choice about whether to have the vaccine but we strongly encourage it.”

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Measures designed to encourage uptake include linking vaccination to bonuses and promotions. Barchester added that people who refuse a vaccine who then contract COVID-19 will not receive enhanced sick pay.

The strong line has been met with opposition amongst some workers, however.

Staff members told the Northampton Chronicle: “We are all extremely hurt by this and should not be forced to have the vaccine if it is against our wishes.

“Many staff members have had the vaccine when they did not want it due to being pressurised into having it.

“The government has not made the vaccine mandatory so we are all within our rights to refuse it.”

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  1. I feel the vaccine was approved much too quickly for them to be aware of any longterm side effects. A lot of my colleagues have had it but some feel the same way as I do. Until it is mandatory I will just continue with the stringent infection control we have in place, as we did before covid.

  2. Absolutely right. Of course a person can choose not to have the vaccine. But I can also choose not to place my parents in an unsafe environment, or with care staff who are too selfish to take a clinically proven safe and effective vaccine that protects others, too. Take a different job that doesn’t interact with others if you don’t want the vaccine. Of course don’t have it if you ‘feel’ you don’t want it, but don’t ‘feel’ upset if people don’t want you around.

  3. Ask yourself this, if you were a resident in the care home paying huge amounts each week for your care, would you want to have people caring for you who, for whatever reason, chose not to have the vaccine.
    The vaccine may have very minor side effects which may last a couple of days but death lasts a lot longer!

  4. Having a Covid vaccine when one works in a care home is a decision that goes beyond thinking of oneself, for it protects residents and colleagues from being infected.

  5. Did they ever discipline their staff for calling in sick with the flu like most other companies did. Did they ever wipe surfaces down when they found out somebody had a virus before all this covid stuff.. I highly doubt it. And now they pretend to suddenly care if we get sick or not… I don’t think so. Time to wake up.

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