WCS Care works with JLA to create self-service launderettes for residents

Christine Asbury

WCS Care is looking to install launderettes where residents can help to wash their own clothes in some of its care homes.

The operator, which runs 12 care homes in the Midlands, is working with laundry equipment specialist JLA to set up its first launderette in Castle Brook in Kenilworth, an 86-bed purpose-built care home that opens in December this year.

Christine Asbury, chief executive of WCS Care, is aiming to improve lives for residents in two ways. First by conquering the universal problem of people’s clothes going missing in the wash, and secondly to get residents enjoying the process of controlling more of their daily lives.

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WCS Care is one of the most respected care home operators in the UK, with service at three of its 12 homes rated as Outstanding overall by the CQC.

Its flagship home, Drovers House, works with innovative suppliers like JLA to make life better for all its residents.

“We are looking at introducing launderettes so that people can wash their own clothes. Instead of laundry being done behind closed doors, residents can go and do their own washing in the communal area. Our director of innovation is working very closely with JLA on creating that,” Ms Asbury revealed in an interview with Care Home Professional that will appear in the July edition of the magazine.

“Laundry is one of the most infuriating things that happens in a care home. Clothing gets lost, it gets damaged. I spent a whole year going round every care home in the group and working in every laundry, so I know that it is quite difficult to make the laundry personalised, make sure nothing is lost or mismatched, make sure it is folded and ironed the way people like. To be able to allow people to do that themselves is enabling,” she adds.

The first launderette will open in Castle Brook, but the operator says it may also work with JLA to retrofit launderettes into some of its older homes, Ms Asbury hopes.

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