Castle Brook – innovation hub launch

Leading Outstanding care home operator WCS Care has officially opened an Innovation Hub designed to share best practice with other health and care providers.

The Hub was launched by CEO Christine Asbury and Director of Innovation and Delivery Ed Russell at Castle Brook care home in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Christine said: “As the only care home provider in England to have five Outstanding ratings from the CQC, people are looking to us to see what we’re doing and how we’ve achieved what we have.

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“The Innovation Hub lets us share our experience. While this may not suit everyone, it does leave people feeling inspired about how they could do things differently – and of course we’re learning from our visitors too.

“We’ve set a positive challenge to the sector about ambition in care services, and using creativity and technology to deliver results. We’re passionate in our belief that everyone gets access to high quality care, regardless of who provides it or how it’s paid for.”

The Hub showcases the latest technology and concepts that WCS Care uses or is set to use in its future developments.

Electronic care planning that means carers spend more time with residents instead of extensive paper recording, and an advanced nurse call system that alerts staff through handheld devices rather than by disruptive call bells, are some of the technologies that feature.

WCS Care has also installed circadian rhythm lighting into the Hub that mimics daylight in the day and creates biological darkness at night, keeping the body in a solid circadian cycle, helping to improve sleep and daytime alertness, which has positive impacts on people with dementia.

Ed Russell, WCS Care’s Director of Innovation and Delivery, said: “We’ve already incorporated many of the concepts and technologies that are in the Hub into a number of our homes and have seen the positive impact they’ve had on the health and wellbeing of people living with dementia.

“We’re excited about how some of the new features we’re trying – like the circadian rhythm lighting which will be installed into our next new home in Warwick – will benefit future residents.

“We’re always asking ourselves ‘what will make people’s lives better?’ and it’s this that drives us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in care to ensure that every day is well lived.”

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  1. Great day at the launch. I was particularly struck by the openness of Christine and Ed to learning from those who visited, very much a two way dialogue. Totally recommend a visit to Castle Brook the social innovations are as interesting as the tech.

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