WATCH: Care UK residents share life lessons to mark International Women’s Day

Care UK residents across the country have been sharing their life lessons to mark International Women’s Day.

The ladies, aged between 82 and 93, shared what they think young women today should know, as part of events held to IWD on Friday, 8 March.

Jacqui White, marketing director at Care UK, said: “International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the successes and stories of women, and we want society to recognise the wealth of expertise and knowledge stored in the minds of older ladies like those in our video. We’re proud to have created a platform on which a group of older women have shared their most valuable life lessons for young women today and hope that other individuals and organisations will follow our lead.

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“It was wonderful to hear about the lives of women who lived through a social revolution, witnessing the changing attitude towards equality – but also to hear that the attitude of determination was fiercely alive in these women at a time when equality wasn’t a given.

“The residents enjoyed sharing their advice.  Researching, filming and watching the video has been a really valuable reminiscence activity prompting lots of interesting conversations in our homes. It’s been wonderful for residents to share their life experiences and memories, and we hope young women today agree that their wisdom is valuable and inspiring.”



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