Virtual Dementia Tour bus rolls into Avery Healthcare home

Birchwood Grange Dementia Tour Bus image

Avery Healthcare welcomed the Virtual Dementia Tour bus to its Birchwood Grange care home in Harrow this week.

The service aims to improve understanding of living with dementia among staff by giving them an immersive experience of living with dementia first hand.

Sharon Winfield, director of operations at Avery Healthcare, said she hoped that the training would improve the lives of Avery residents and care teams.

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“At Avery we pride ourselves on our continuous training and staff development, and we could immediately see that this innovative and experiential tool of the ‘Virtual Dementia Tour Bus’ would really benefit our staff learning.

“Nothing beats walking in somebody’s shoes to truly understand their needs and this is the closest you will get to that; it is truly inspiring.  We are all very passionate about providing the very best care to our residents at Avery and I think this is an exceptional way to help with this.

“My plan is to see this rolled out across the other homes in our group as soon as we can.”with the fear and frustration that this brings and through an interactive approach develop better communication and skills for those that they care for.”

The Virtual Dementia tour is run under license from a US company by Training 2 Care in the UK.

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