Unique facial analysis pain detection technology launches in the UK


Unique facial analysis technology that enables care workers and clinicians to identify and manage pain in dementia and cognitively impaired patients has been officially launched in the UK.

PainChek® is the world’s first intelligent pain assessment tool that uses artificial intelligence to interpret facial expressions to alert carers and healthcare professionals when a patient is in pain, monitor their treatment and evidence their overall quality of care.

Pete Shergill, PainChek® UK&I Country Director, said: “Unique in the UK, PainChek® is a quick, easy-to-use solution to measuring pain in care home residents, documenting checks, and allowing informed clinical decisions to be made for effective pain management. It represents a game-changer for the UK in the way it manages pain in people living with dementia and there can be no doubt as to the tangible improvement in quality of live for our ageing population.”

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A smartphone-based medical device that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, PainChek® is operated at the point of care.

Around 70% of the UK’s care home population have dementia or memory problems, with 80% of these suffering pain at any one time and 50% having persistent pain.

PainChek® is a partner of the Care Home of the Future campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of going digital amongst care home owners and staff.

Commenting on the initiative, Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO of Care England, said: “The care home of the future will be one that is enabled by technology, and this will improve outcomes for the people in care homes, and it will lift many of the administrative burdens from the staff team, enabling them to focus on the quality of care. Technology will also play a vital part in enabling people in care homes to live as independently as possible and to have choice and control over many more aspects of their lives.”

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