Two-thirds of social care professionals on brink of burn out, research warns

Lee Biggins – MD – CV-Library

Two-thirds of social care professionals are on the brink of burn out, according to research carried out by independent job board, CV-Library.

The survey of over 2,000 UK professional found work stress had resulted in more than half of social care professionals (51.6%) feeling exhausted and suffering from headaches with just under half (48.4%) having trouble sleeping.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, (pictured) said: “While some professionals thrive on keeping busy, it shouldn’t get to a point where they’re feeling exhausted or struggling to sleep; and as an employer, you have a duty of care towards your team.

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“Be sure to create an open channel of communication so employees know they can come to you with any concerns they may have about their workload. Nowadays, addressing mental health and prioritising the wellbeing of employees is crucial for organisations; particularly when it comes to attracting, recruiting and retaining the best workers.”

The leading causes of work anxiety were: long hours (48.4%); demanding colleagues (32.3%); excessive workload (32.3%); unrealistic targets (29%); and demanding clients (22.6%).

Almost three-quarters of respondents (74.2%) worried about letting their team down if they were unwell with a further 61.3% fearing they will disappoint their employer.

Lee added: “The stress epidemic is becoming a serious issue in the UK and isn’t set to disappear any time soon. But that’s why employers need to understand how to tackle it and support employees in the workplace. Any company can offer a competitive salary, but only a few can offer an environment that truly prioritises the wellbeing of its teams.

“We know that there’s a massive staff shortage in the social care sector, so attracting and retaining top talent is very important. When writing your job adverts and advertising your roles, consider highlighting any services you offer that support mental health in the workplace. This can really help to sell your jobs to candidates and position you as an employer of choice.”

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