Two in five less likely to visit care homes when COVID-19 restrictions lifted


A nursing home’s survey has found 43% are less likely to visit a relative or friend in a care home when COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted.

The survey carried out by Wellcross Grange Nursing Home in Horsham, West Sussex, asked 30 people: ‘Has COVID impacted how often you will visit a relative or friend in a care home once restrictions have fully eased?’

In response, 43% said they were less likely to visit than before COVID, 30% said the pandemic had not impacted how often they will visit and 27% said they were likely to visit more often once restrictions were lifted.

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Of those less likely to visit, 46% said COVID had irreversibly changed the system. When asked for their reasons, people stated: “Because COVID has made visits slotted”, “I have to book so can’t always get a slot” and “I cannot get visits when I ring.”

Additionally, 15% were concerned that although restrictions will lift the “elderly are prone to infections”. One person commented: “I’d still avoid visiting that frequently since COVID is still spreading.”

Of those more likely to visit, 23% directly mentioned making up for lost time. One person commented: “As someone who lost someone in a care home during the pandemic, I missed 6 vital months with my grandfather. If he were still with us, I’d definitely be visiting more often now that it’s easing.” Another said: “Because I have missed so much of their life.”

Commenting on the findings, Wellcross Grange’s Press Manager said: “We hope that a lasting impact of the pandemic will not be a reduction in family visits to care homes. Close interaction with loved ones is so important to the wellbeing of our residents.”


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