Tickets still left for industry Deafness & Dementia conference

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A high-profile Deafness & Dementia conference to be held in Chester is just weeks away and organisers Deafness Support Network (DSN) are urging health professionals and others affected by these issues not to delay in buying the remaining tickets.

The conference will showcase the latest research and developments with regard to hearing loss and cognitive decline and will feature some renowned speakers, including leading academics and clinical scientists.

DSN is supporting research into what may be a significant link between age-related hearing loss and increased risk for cognitive decline and dementia. As well as exploring this research, the conference is also shining a light on the social isolation that these issues may cause.

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Jenna Littlejohn, a PhD student from the University of Sheffield, whose research into age-related hearing loss and increased risk for cognitive decline and dementia, is supported by Deafness Support Network (DSN), will be speaking at the conference.

She will be revealing her latest findings into research she has been carrying out with volunteers across Cheshire and Sheffield.

Littlejohn said: “Ageing in general is accompanied by a decline in memory and attention but there may be significant links between hearing loss and loss of mental abilities. We are exploring this link, hoping to ascertain the causes of it and looking at what preventative measures can be taken.”

Jenna added: ”Our research could have a huge impact on future approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of people with dementia.”

The Deafness & Dementia Conference 2016 is taking place on March 3 from 9.30 to 16.30 at Chester Racecourse.

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