Three quarters of National Care Association members consider leaving the industry


A survey of National Care Association members has found that 94% of them are concerned about the viability of their business in the current climate.

Almost three quarters (72%) of members said they would like to leave the care home industry altogether.

In the wake of last week’s budget, members were asked for their views on how their businesses are performing.

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The association argues that the social care industry is  starting from a point of shortfalls in the current level of fees of about 7% to 8% coming through from the previous five years, with a further £1.4 billion gap in funding from April this financial year, rising to £1.6 billion next year.

Fees are now rising, according to NCA members, but nothing like enough. Increases being offered to providers range from 1% to 2.5% on average.

Nadra Ahmed OBE chairman of National Care Association (pictured above) said: “We are deeply disappointed that, despite consistent warning from health professionals, local authorities and the provider sector the politicians have chosen to ignore the call to seek some resolution to the funding gaps in social care provision.  It is not good enough to promise money through Better Care Funding in the future when the crisis is happening now. For many providers this will be too late, if indeed it comes through at all to social care providers.

“The stark figures from a recent survey by National Care Association of our members indicates that the destabilisation in the market is only a heartbeat away.”



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Rob Corder

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  1. Where are the figures for this survey? How many members do they have and how many of that membership responded to this survey?

  2. That means that three quarters do not see it profitable to take care of dependent people, perhaps they should work in gardening, there is a lot of market in England. If production in other industries has been outsourced to other countries, why not the care sector? Is it possible to provide care services in areas with less access barriers and a higher quality of life. I mean why not take care of British depending Elderly n Spain for half the current cost?
    Is this an agreement between the main British and Spanish stakeholders or are British care providers going to get mad at Care homes because they will not be able to keep the real business what is property revaluation. The lovely building which most of the residents do not care but full compassioned and morally well payed Carers.

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