Tens of thousands of elderly sell their homes for social care


Tens of thousands of elderly people have been forced to sell their homes to pay for social care, according to a new report.

Research by The Telegraph has found that 50,000 pensioners have been forced to use their homes to cover their care costs.

The revelations come despite the government’s manifesto claim that older people would not be forced to sell their homes and announced a £72,000 cap on pensioners’ spending on their care.

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The cap, which was supposed to be introduced in April this year, was delayed due to fears over the costs of the plans.

Responding to last week’s announcement by the government that it was allowing local authorities to increase the social care precept over the next two years, Nuffield Trust chief executive Nigel Edwards said: “With over 400,000 vulnerable older people over the last five years losing out on much-needed help to complete basic tasks like getting out of bed or getting dressed in the morning, the social care crisis is already here.

“Nobody wants a society where the oldest and most vulnerable are left behind, so social care must be put on a more sustainable footing.”


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