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Providers need to embrace technology in order to provide better care, according to a software management platform creator.

everyLIFE Technologies CEO Paul Barry made the comments to Sky News following the publication of last week’s State of Care report which revealed that over a fifth of services are rated Requires Improvement of Inadequate (see CQC finds “too much poor care”).

Paul said: “We need to adopt technology and we need to do it quickly. We need to be clear that the technology exists to change care for the better today.

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“The innovative care providers have already addressed a number of the primary challenges. I hope that this now acts as a catalyst for the rest of the sector to put that technology in place to address those challenges.”

The everyLIFE boss identified transparency as a key area where technology can make a difference.

“Transparency is a key area. If those people that are receiving care know what is being provided, if those people providing the care have all the right information and family members are kept abreast of what is happening in real time then we alleviate those challenges,” Paul said.

“It’s almost impossible to do that with traditional paper based manual systems.”

Paul added that technology was only part of the story.

“There has to be a passion for quality of care delivery as well,” he said.

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