TECH TALK: How technology eases the burden on overstretched carers


Jonathan Papworth of Person Centred Software outlines how stretched providers can free up productive time for carers.

Those of us living and breathing social care are all too aware of the staffing crisis testing the sector to the limits.

Realistically, recruitment and retention will be one of the biggest challenges of the next decade, however, we can relieve a good deal of the pressure being felt at care homes right now by embedding efficiencies and finding new ways to make care roles more appealing and accessible.

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Presently available technology can unlock productive care hours by liberating carers from burdensome admin. Simplifying the process of reporting on care interactions means apps can save every carer up to an hour a day. That’s three days a month saved on paperwork per worker.

Better still, because icon-based care delivery technology can be operated by people with literacy, learning and English language difficulties – such technology could significantly broaden out the potential talent pool, helping the sector to dramatically relieve recruitment pressures.

Such tools can also improve staff retention rates by making roles in care more enjoyable. We’re even hearing that carers are asking providers whether they use mobile digital care planning technology during interviews, so adopting a tech approach could give you the edge when recruiting.

With more than 18,500 social care employers in the UK – fast, all-encompassing, top-down solutions are not on the horizon. It will be up to individual providers to embed efficiencies on a home-by-home, group-by-group basis.

Here, mobile digital care planning technology could be a quick way to add capacity – replacing a scramble for short-term staffing solutions with the chance to get strategic about improving the care experience and outcomes.

So don’t let the big numbers scare you. Lasting, easy-to-implement solutions are available to help you, your carers and ultimately your residents – right now.


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