Tech entrepreneur launches compliance dashboard

CSI CEO Barnaby Griffith

Tech entrepreneur Barnaby Griffith has developed an innovative dashboard for care home owners.

Launched at Exeter Science Park by Care Systems & Innovation, the dashboard enables care home owners to record important information and prove they are achieving assessment standards, facilitating improved quality of care and increasing profitability.

Barnaby has been working closely on the project with Devon County Council and is an elected member of the Provider Engagement Network for residential care services throughout Exeter and East Devon.

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“We had developed an extremely successful software programme to use in our care homes and we wanted to be able to offer this to other care homes,” he explained.

“The adoption of IT systems is widespread but there are multiple providers addressing isolated activities, and not in alignment with the regulator’s assessment criteria.

“None of the systems have all the information required to provide one single picture of CQC compliance, so this is why we developed CSI software.

“In providing the technology for care homes to accurately record important information, we hope to facilitate an improvement in compliance with CQC regulations, reduce operational risks and boost business profitability.”



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