Taxpayers and the elderly will suffer if GPs pull services from care homes

Bunty Malhotra

Prestwick Care chief executive Bunty Malhotra (pictured above) has urged GPs to cooperate with care homes, rather than withdraw services.

At a conference organised by doctors’ trade union the BMA this week, GPs voted for the right to opt out of their responsibility to care for highly dependent patients living in care homes.

At the British Medical Association conference on Saturday, representatives for dozens of GP practices said that visiting elderly residents in care homes was placing an unbearable burden on doctors and risking patient care.

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GPs are in the middle of discussions with the Government for new contracts, and Care England believes that the BMA could be stirring up a crisis to strengthen their negotiating position.

However, Mr Malhotra told Care Home Professional that cooperation is the key for healthcare services that benefit elderly residents, taxpayers and GPs.

“People do not choose to come to care homes. They come here because they have so many complicated medical needs that they can no longer stay in their own homes. We provide them with security and medical attention for a fraction of the cost of the NHS,” Mr Malhotra explained.

“What would happen if GPs do not come to care homes? Imagine the cost of treating everybody at a hospital with flu instead of a GP making a single visit to a home and giving a flu jab to dozens of people in a few hours. It makes no sense,” he added.


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