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More than 50,000 older people die awaiting care package

More than 50,000 older people die awaiting care package

Over 50,000 older people have died awaiting care during the 700 days since the Government first pledged to publish its Green Paper, according to new research.

UK must remain open to EU carers after Brexit, Age UK says

The government must keep the country open to EU carers following Brexit to avoid a worsening of the social care crisis, Age UK has warned.

Health and social care system failing to support elderly, Age UK finds

The health and social care system is failing to meet the needs of an ageing population, according to Age UK.

England the poor relation in elderly care

An Age UK commissioned report comparing approaches to long-term care has ranked England the ‘poor man’ in a range of developed countries.

Elderly people support ‘death tax’ to fund better care

Elderly people support a ‘death tax’ to fund their social care costs, a new survey has found.

Obama adviser praises healthcare integration scheme

Former health adviser to Barak Obama Professor Donald Berwick has praised a healthcare integration scheme during a visit to Carleton Court Care Home in Pontefract.

Thousands may be forced into care homes

Thousands of elderly people could be forced into care homes under NHS cost cutting plans.

Self funders ‘paying price’ for care system strain

A new Age UK report says elderly people paying their own way in care homes are struggling to get a ‘fair deal’.

Age UK defends special offers from its commercial partners

Age UK estimates three million hospital bed days have been lost to bed blocking