Switch to monthly rental package leaves Bradbury House on top of its laundry

Bradbury House

Laundry and catering equipment specialist JLA has upgraded Bradbury House, a purpose-built residential care home run by the Abbeyfield Beaconsfield Society, to its Total Care laundry solution.

The not-for-profit operator has been working with JLA for 10 years, but needed to replace existing laundry equipment that was showing signs of age.

“After our existing laundry equipment became unreliable and began to cost too much to maintain, the management team decided to opt for JLA’s Total Care package to take advantage of the latest laundry equipment without incurring any up-front costs. Since switching to Total Care we have benefitted from the reassurance of fixed pricing and knowing there will be no unexpected repair bills when it comes to our laundry equipment,” said Andrew Cantelo, an operations manager at Bradbury House.

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Total Care is a solution that allows care homes to upgrade to JLA’s latest laundry equipment without paying a penny up front. JLA installs new machines and provides 24/7 support, all within a contract that is paid for monthly throughout the contract.

“Total Care means you can enjoy complete peace of mind for a simple monthly payment, and free yourself of the hassle and inconvenience that can come with maintaining commercial equipment,” the company says. Once the equipment is up and running, customers are guaranteed an engineer on site within eight hours if there is a problem, and there will be nothing to pay, no matter what goes wrong.

Bradbury House’s laundry system will install the Otex washing machine, which uses a cold water ozone laundry process to disinfect more effectively than conventional thermal machines, according to JLA.

“By turning oxygen from the air around us into ozone and injecting it into your washing machine’s drum, it destroys 99.999% of harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, E.Coli, Norovirus and C.difficile spores,” the company adds.

“Although we have very high standards of hygiene at Bradbury House, having the OTEX system in place and knowing that it will deal with 99% of harmful viruses and bacteria in our wash, gives staff and residents complete peace of mind,” said Mr Cantelo.

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