Surveillance specialist urges CQC to buy into smart remote camera monitoring

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Security specialist Care Protect says it can help the CQC save money by using expertly monitored surveillance cameras to observe care homes.

In a week when the inspectorate said it is hiking fees to care homes as taxpayer funding is withdrawn, Care Protect suggests it employs modern surveillance techniques as a way to cut costs that are ultimately borne by the care providers.

Philip Scott
Philip Scott, managing director of Care Protect.

Philip Scott, managing director of Care Protect, believes that technology should be used by the CQC to trigger an inspection as opposed to visiting a home or hospital simply because it is time to do so.

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The CQC hopes to cut the cost of nationwide inspections by targeting care homes that are considered most at risk.

This could be achieved by using surveillance technology to monitor a care service on a 24/7 basis. This information, with the agreement of the care home owners, could be shared with the CQC to give ‘real time’ data on both good and bad practice.

“Camera surveillance and expert monitoring is a long overdue solution. All concerns around privacy and choice can be addressed if the will exists to embrace technology to safeguard vulnerable people,” says Mr Scott.

“It would be a radical step for the regulator to consider these systems as a standard, however given the levels of reported abuse and ongoing poor practices being captured on covert cameras, what is the real alternative in a world of ever diminishing resources?” he asks.

Care Protect is not a conventional 24 hour continuously recording CCTV system. It is an ‘untoward events’ triggered recording system, with subsequent email alerting capability allowing for a review of the ‘event’, by independent, experienced health and social care professionals, within minutes of it happening, the company explains.

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