SUPPLIER FOCUS: The Decontaminator offers virus busting care home solutions

The Decontaminator Ltd shares how it tackles micro-organisms infecting care home residents and staff.

If microorganisms are infecting your residents and staff, then you need us.

Because these microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye, conventional deep-cleaning is unlikely to achieve the level of hygiene necessary to halt the spread of infection, how can diligent hard working cleaning operatives address something they cannot see? Whereas, our methods, equipment and know-how is design for this very purpose. We achieve at least a 99.99% reduction of airborne, droplets, surface microorganisms, including:

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Bacteria, Viruses

Pneumonia, MRSA, Influenza, UTI’s, Gastrointestinal are the five worst infections the elderly are prone to. However, the list goes on with Norovirus, Clostridium Difficile and respiratory infections.


Black mould spores are especially dangerous to weakened immune systems.


Elderly people can suffer from any form of yeast infection, including skin, oral, genital and even systemic if they suffer from a compromised immune system.

The solution and equipment is safe to use on hard surfaces, soft furnishings and fabrics. Our electronic and mechanical equipment and electrostatic technology finds inaccessible sites where it is near impossible for an operative to reach. Our evidence and efficacy has been gained over a number of years in acute care settings.

Speed is a key factor in care home settings and the faster we can ‘thoroughly treat’ the building, the better.

Proof of treatment is provided, as is certification upon completion.

And as for costs, we are comparable to a deep-clean. However, this level of hygiene starts where a deep-clean ends. This is environmental decontamination.

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