Commercial solutions partner Radmiser Ltd offers a proactive solution for preventing Legionella.

Health and safety legislation mandates that all employers, or people in control of premises, take appropriate steps to mitigate and deal with risks associated with Legionella bacteria. Fundamental elements of an effective control method for Legionella include avoiding water temperatures that favour the growth of Legionella and other micro-organisms.

Devicepoint® for Healthy Water constantly monitors the temperature of outlets and sensitive points to eliminate the need for manual reading and recording of temperature measurement and provide more accurate information on likely risks and water system usage.

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The service, which can be easily integrated into existing CAFM facility management systems, works by attaching small temperature sensors to the surface of hot and cold water pipes at specified points, including sentinel outlets, water storage tanks and calorifiers. The sensors constantly collect temperature data and transit this to the Devicepoint®cloud platform.

The data is stored and analysed in real-time, which allows the platform to pro-actively alert the appropriate staff members of risks, detect flushing/use of outlets, identify potential stagnant sections of the pipe system and produce accurate customised reports.

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