SUPPLIER FOCUS: Filta helps care home kitchens meet fire risk standards

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Award-winning oil filtration specialists Filta has unveiled a new automated extraction cleaning system to help operators meet the new increased fire risk management standards for commercial kitchens.

The Filta system works around the clock with flexible, pre-programmable automatic dosing. This means operators are continually compliant with the standards in comparison to a quarterly deep clean of the ductwork where the operator is only as compliant as their last deep-clean as grease builds up from the moment the last clean was done.

By having the Filta system, installed by Filta’s own trained technicians, to significantly reduce the accumulation of grease, oils and fats (FOG) in their extraction system, operators can also make cost savings on outside cleaning and maintenance services, also meaning less downtime.

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Lee Shelton of Filta said this system is a must-have in a commercial kitchen, especially with revisions to the TR19 standard from the UK’s leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors.

“Driven by the need for legislation to reflect new British and European standards and best practice, the rules have become more stringent when it comes to extraction cleaning in a bid to prevent the event of fire,” Lee said.

“By installing the Filta system, you can rely on continually clean ductwork to greatly reduce this risk, keeping you and your systems operational, compliant and safe from prosecution.”

The system itself works by spraying biological enzymes directly into the ventilation system with special nozzles. These enzymes are able to target all corners and inaccessible areas of the ductwork, unlike manual cleaning, where areas are often missed, avoided or simply inaccessible.

By reducing the accumulation of FOG, kitchen extraction systems also operate at their full potential, meaning less bad odours, enhancing the customer experience.

As well as installation, Filta – which services 7,000 commercial kitchens every week across the globe – will create a bespoke service plan to ensure kitchen extract systems are maintained.

For more information on how Filta can help you, visit You can also use Filta’s costs calculator to estimate how much you are spending on duct cleaning each year.

For information on TR19® grease specification for fire risk management of grease accumulation within kitchen extraction systems visit –

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