SUPPLIER FOCUS: Brioche Pasquier ‘take the biscotte’ when it comes to crunch

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French family baker Brioche Pasquier explains how its biscotte range makes the perfect snack and meal accompaniment for care homes.

Brioche Pasquier bake two types of French style biscotte, one from French bread and one from brioche – they are baked twice, so they are deliciously crunchy and make a great alternative to crackers or rolls for lunch or with savoury or sweet toppings at any time of day.

Our croutons range includes a soupe version and a salade version. And the doublettes are packed in pairs to make the perfect portion size for enjoying with jam and butter in a French-style breakfast on the go.

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“Our extensive range of French bread biscotte features a variety of shapes and sizes which have infinite uses,” explains Foodservice Sales Manager Matthew Grenter. “This makes them incredibly convenient for caterers and chefs who are preparing dishes to suit care home residents. The same base can be used for all – simply add different toppings.”

For example, canapés can be fiddly and time consuming to prepare for different diets. Brioche Pasquier mini toasts are small squares of biscotte that can be prepared with a variety of toppings and will retain their crunch. This means that caterers can provide for all dietary choices with one canapé base.

Ficelles de pain are a long, thin shape with a flat top which makes them perfect for dipping. The neutral flavour is particularly good for parties and events served with a selection of dips – such as smoked mackerel pate, beetroot hummus or a baked camembert.

Our biscotte range gives care home chefs the opportunity to offer their residents an interesting version of many popular bread or cracker products.

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