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Stairclimber specialist Stanley offers its solution for safer care home fire evacuations.

Nursing homes have been under much scrutiny by the British media in recent years and the pressure to maintain high-standards is increasing. It goes without saying that those residing in care are more vulnerable, thus the need for a more mitigated home. Healthcare professionals working in the industry must continue to find new and innovative ways to maintain the level of care that is expected.


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It is recorded that the London Fire Brigade attend approximately ten fires a week in housing where care is provided, which further highlights the importance of evacuation procedures.

The go-to solution for care homes is often either a lift, or specialist mobility devices which can be wheeled down the stairs. Either option is perfectly reasonable, but each presents a set of unique challenges. With lifts, for example, they often work but move slowly and tend to break down on occasion.

Another option is purpose-built evacuation chairs, these often require a significant level of physical exertion to operate, which can not only restrict the number of possible users, but having to repeat the same process for many residents can result in fatigue from the operator.


Recognising the challenges faced by care homes, Stanley offer specialist stairclimbers, which are designed to not only meet legislation but enable a safe and swift evacuation.

One offering is the Jolly stairclimber, this machine allows traditional wheelchair types to be secured onto its metal frame. Once attached, the operator uses a tracking motion to transport persons up and down stairs within their own wheelchair. This model also dismantles which can be neatly folded away to utilise space which is highly valued in care homes.

Another offering is the Tolo, this is a purpose-built machine used by operators to transport users up and down stairs. Fitted with a unique drive system this model also allows users to overcome architectural barriers in a care home. Its comfortable seat is favourable amongst users as it can be customised to their specific requirements.


Both stairclimbing solutions have many benefits compared to traditional lifting options. As stand-alone ascending and descending products these machines can be charged overnight, ready to use at any given time. As they are battery powered and highly durable they cost very little to maintain which deliver savings for many care home providers. But these are not the most attractive features of Stanley stairclimbers. Ultimately, they provide a safe and compliant solution which is sustainable to a variety of situations and can be moved to different buildings if needs be.

Stanley are pleased to provide flexible finance packages, whether it’s purchase, lease or hire, for a small fee each month healthcare providers can rest assured having one of these stairclimbers on site.

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