Starbrands launches new cleaning product range


UK based Starbrands Ltd has announced the launch of a new range of industrial cleaning products.

StarPRO is specially made in the UK to meet the needs of industrial applications. Products have been split into 8 colour-coded categories that correspond to the COSHH guidelines. All StarPRO products are developed to industry accredited standards.

Customers can make significant savings by buying StarPRO products directly from the manufacturer.

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StarPRO general cleaning products have been developed for the most demanding environments. Products tackle most hard surfaces including stainless steel, glass, furniture, and laminates in addition to carpets and upholstery.   StarPRO catering products meet the stringent demands of food hygiene and food safety. Products include bactericidal cleaners, machine dishwash and rinse aids, hand dishwashing and beer line cleaners.

StarPRO hand care products are available in both foaming and non-foaming formulas, and 5L packs are suitable for refilling wall dispensers.

StarPRO laundry products are highly effective at removing soil and odours, even when used at low temperatures. Products include bio and non-bio detergent liquids, fabric softener and an oxi stain remover powder.

StarPRO sanitary products are highly effective at removing limescale and soil from toilets, and StarPRO’s bleaches come in both thick and thin formulas for effective germ-killing.

StarPRO offer effective odour neutralising scented air fresheners and deodorising sprays for surfaces, rubbish bins and much more.

For cleaning washrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, showers and more, StarPRO washroom products clean and disinfect most washroom surfaces.

StarPRO hygiene products are perfect for general disinfecting and removal of light soiling from a wide range of surfaces including tables, door handles, gym equipment and more.

A full catalogue of StarPRO products is available on

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