Staffing crisis forces MHA to close several care homes to new admissions

Sam Monaghan

MHA has been closed 7.5% of its care homes to new admissions due to the current staffing crisis which has been exacerbated by mandatory COVID vaccination.

The not for profit provider, which runs 90 care homes with around 6,000 staff, has lost between 130 and 150 workers this week alone due to mandatory vaccination.

Sam Monaghan, Chief Executive of Methodist Homes (MHA), (pictured) said: “The current staffing crisis in social care means that for MHA, the UK’s largest charity care provider, an average of 7.5% of our care homes have been closed to new admissions over the past few weeks. This means fewer older people are able to get the care they need to live the good life they deserve, and more older people find themselves unable to leave hospital after a spell as an inpatient.

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“The mandatory vaccination for people working in care homes will mean we have lost people from the sector. This is one of many issues impacting on our ability to deliver care right now. Some care workers are leaving feeling burned out after a devastating pandemic, there are other sectors in a position to offer more pay, and we have a smaller pool of people to recruit from as a result of less immigration. We need the government to step in to help with all of these things, not least a bonus for care workers now, and adequate funding to allow for better pay longer term.”

There are currently around 105,000 vacancies in the sector, with estimates that around 50,000 people are expected to leave the sector as a result of mandatory vaccination.

The CQC, which is charged with monitoring compliance with the requirement, said: “The requirement forms part of the fundamental standards and will be monitored and enforced in appropriate cases by us. We will begin monitoring this from today, 11 November 2021. We will continue to use our existing assessment and enforcement policies and take a proportionate approach, to ensure the welfare and safety of people who use services. We will always treat each matter individually and consider the individual circumstances when undertaking an assessment and deciding on any possible next steps.”

Providers are advised to consult the government’s operational guidance on policy implementation.

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