St Martins Care installs digital care home visiting booking system

Meet My Brian

St Martins Care has installed digital booking system, Meet My Brian, which is designed to enable care home visits during lockdown and beyond.

The north east care home operator began looking for a booking system after the first lockdown when it became clear families could no longer visit without restrictions.

Group CEO, Keith Milton, told CHP: “I started looking for a simple, quick to implement, ideally cloud-based product that would allow families to easily book visitor appointments.

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“There are several existing booking systems but, those I tried, were mainly designed for retail environments and did not meet the needs of a care setting. I came across Meet My Brian on social media and immediately liked what it was trying to achieve. As it has been developed by someone that works in care, it does exactly what we need without being overly complicated.”

Keith said Meet My Brian was more efficient and flexible than his previous paper based booking system.

Families are now able to book visits at any time of day and his busy admin team is freed from taking calls, dealing with emails and having to manage a paper diary.

“Using Meet My Brian has solved all these issues and provided several additional layers of control, such as restricting how often families can visit, how many people can visit and how much advanced notice of a visit they must give us,” Keith explained.

The care home boss said the system, which was developed by care nurse Jijo Johny (pictured), was easy to use and was up and running within a few days.

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from families,” Keith told CHP.

“They really like how easy it is to use and the fact they can access it anywhere, anytime. Ultimately, families just want to be able to come into our care homes and see their relatives and they like that Meet My Brian plays an important part in helping us facilitate safe visiting.”

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