Springup PR helps PJ Care increase job enquiries by 400%

Neil Russell

Specialist care operator PJ Care has revealed how Springup PR’s innovative PR and marketing initiatives have helped increase its job enquiries by 400%.

Neil Russell, chairman of neurological care provider PJ Care, detailed in a podcast how the initiatives led the provider to become “inundated” with new care and nurse staff applicants.

“The number of applications for carers and nurses we’ve had over the last two years has quadrupled,” Neil said during an interview with Adam James of Springup PR, host of the Care Home PR And Marketing Podcast.

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“This is because we’re talking to the right people, being seen in the right places, and saying the right things,” added Neil.

The episode featuring Neil has become notably popular at a time when recruitment is reaching crisis levels for the care sector.

Neil talked about how PJ Care, which employs 600 staff and operates three neurological care centres, massively increased using Facebook and Facebook Ads as a tool for recruitment, helping it secure up to six new staff ‘hits’ per day via the platform alone.

Neil also detailed how PJ Care, a client of care marketing and PR agency Springup PR, promotes itself as an attractive employer, and ensures its accolades and awards are communicated to new target recruits.

Neil also described the approach that PJ Care employs to help retain staff, including during mandatory COVID vaccinations.

The Care Home PR And Marketing Podcast, run by Springup PR, is dedicated to helping care operators learn the most innovative and contemporary PR and marketing methods – and has notched up 28 episodes.

“Neil’s podcast episode has been one of most popular as yet,” said Adam.

“If any care operators want insights and know-how on ways to navigate this present recruitment crisis – then this is the episode.

“PJ Care has shown what it means to be an innovative care operator, using the PR and marketing tools to rise to the challenge of attracting new staff.”

During the episode Neil also offered his views on how to build a leadership team, including how important it is to learn from errors, and the value of allowing people to make mistakes that in turn fosters learning and development.

Neil’s single most important piece of leadership advice, he said, is to: “Listen to everyone and then make your judgement. And encourage people to challenge you.”

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