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As part of its comprehensive investigation into professional laundry services, Care Home Professional asked Robert Pell, national accounts manager at Girbau UK, about how to create a safe and cost-effective laundry room.

Care Home Professional: Describe your solution, as you would to a procurement executive or operations head of a major care home group or independent property. What is new this year? What are the key selling points of your solution? How does your solution differ from your competition?

Robert Pell: Girbau has been manufacturing commercial laundry equipment to the highest standard for over 55 years, producing a product recognised by many as the best on the market and supplying products to over 90 countries worldwide.

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We have a national direct service operation and can maintain any brand of commercial laundry equipment anywhere in the UK. Our service work is second to none and is recognised to be both highly efficient and very competitively priced.

A supplier needs to be reliable, flexible to your needs, but consistent with the quality of product they supply. We aim to remove any problems laundry may cause. As a manufacturer and a direct service operation we can ensure the most competitive price whilst delivering best value.

As a manufacturer, we invest in R&D to ensure our machines are the most efficient on the market place. This quality approach has enabled us to supply laundry equipment and service to the leading and largest groups throughout the county. Girbau is as pro-active, professional and listens to its customers. We always seek to ensure that laundry provision in a care home does not become an issue, is delivered to a high standard and at a price that can make significant savings.

CHP: How would you describe the benefits of creating a professional in-house laundry system versus outsourcing all laundry to an external service provider?

Robert Pell: An on premise laundry gives you complete operational control of your laundry provision and control of the quality of service provided to the residents. This enables you to care for your residents’ personal clothing which may be of sentimental value, along with providing quality linen across the home. Working with Girbau UK ensures you comply with legislation whilst managing any foul and infected laundry. Having the resource to wash on demand stops any red-bagged laundry from having to wait for a scheduled collection.

Within other sectors, people may choose to outsource their bedding and towelling to save space, however they do not have the requirement to wash personal clothes. Within a care home washing personal clothing is a critical element. Having equipment to manage this demand, bedding and towels can be laundered with very little extra cost and labour.

CHP: As care home professionals consider the best way to invest in their laundry, what are the most important questions they must ask themselves?

Robert Pell: Do I want operational control of my home?
Do I want quality control of my home?
Do I want foul and infected laundry waiting to be washed in my home?
Do I want to ensure I have robust reliable equipment is installed in my home?
Do I need a robust service support with my laundry equipment?
Do I want to ensure my laundry meets all requirements and legislation?
Do I want to work with experts in the laundry sector who know and understand the care sector?

CHP: If you were pitching for a 50-bed care home offering residential and nursing beds, what would you quote for a first full year’s cost including equipment purchasing and installation, service contract and consumables?

Robert Pell: Girbau UK will tailor packages for each specific home’s requirements. The equipment to support a 50-bed care home can be provided at under £10,000 capital outlay or as little as 13p per day per resident.

CHP: hat are your workhorse products for washing, drying and finishing?

Robert Pell: Girbau UK supplies Girbau commercial laundry equipment. Girbau is dedicated to only manufacturing, supplying and servicing commercial laundry equipment, to ensure you deal with experts in the market. The company’s comprehensive range of washers, dryers and ironers is widely recognised for its outstanding energy efficiency, robust construction and long operating life. They are also designed to be very easy to use.

For care homes our key products are the HS 6 Series high spin washers, ED Series Eco Dryers, our PS Series ironer range and the GMP range of smaller ironers.

Girbau HS 6023


The Girbau HS 6 Series range of washers have been specifically designed to be very energy and water-efficient. They are strong and durable and offer spin speeds of up to 1,000 rpm. The most popular models in care homes are the HS-6008 (9kg capacity), HS-6013 (14kg capacity) and HS-6017 (19kg capacity). They provide excellent washing performance with reduced cycle times and come supplied with a comprehensive range for programs for all commonly-laundered fabrics and items.

Girbau 6 Series high speed washers are approved by the Water Technology List (WTL) for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. This allows care home businesses to write off 100 per cent of the cost of purchasing a new WTL-approved washer against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

ED Series Eco Dryers feature Girbau’s TRANSFLOW technology. This is a combination of both radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency and drying throughout the drum, reduced cycle times and lower energy consumption.

Cabinet insulation and a double-glazed door further optimise energy efficiency and prevent heat escaping from ED Series dryers to the laundry. Large opening doors make loading and unloading easy and the large capacity lint filter is very quick and easy to access and clean. The highly reliable and accurate built-in humidity control system automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process maximising energy efficiency and assuring the best textile care.

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