Skills for Care launches three-year strategy to develop social care workforce


Skills for Care has announced a new three-year strategy designed to help develop the values and competencies of the sector’s 1.5m workforce, support reform and ensure that social care is seen by the public as a valued and worthwhile career.

The strategy focuses on four areas that are designed to respond to changes in the sector over the next three years and which were developed after consultation with the organisation’s key stakeholders.

These are:

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  • Increasing workforce capacity to make sure the sector has the right number of people, with the right values and behaviours, working in social care now and in the future.
  • Supporting workforce capabilities to ensure staff have the right skills, knowledge, competencies, values and behaviours to meet current and future needs in communities.
  • Supporting culture and diversity to ensure the workforce is treated equally, feels included and valued, and is supported to stay well and pursue their careers in social care.
  • Improving the social care system to ensure it is well funded, supports people to live the lives that they choose and attracts the right people to the workforce.

Skills for Care CEO, Oonagh Smyth, (pictured) said: “We are delighted to launch our new strategy and excited about the impact it will have on people drawing on care and support and working in social care over the next three years.

“This new strategy was created in recognition that the way social care is delivered in England is changing so it won’t be a static strategy but will evolve based on feedback and changes in social care.

“Skills for Care believes that social care needs to adapt to these changes so that everyone has access to care and support that is focussed on their unique needs and aspirations, now, and in the years to come.

“Equally, people who work in social care have to be recognised as carrying out a vital role in society. We want social care to be seen by the public as a professional and skilled career that has real value for people in our communities who draw on services, supported by our committed and skilled workforce.”

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