Silverdale Care Homes suspends workers who ‘tortured’ dementia doll

Ashbourne House

Silverdale Care Homes has suspended two care workers from its Ashbourne House nursing home in Rochester after mobile phone footage emerged of dementia patients being taunted.

The operator has two other homes in Burnley and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The Ashbourne House workers were caught on camera “torturing” dolls that are used during therapy for dementia.

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The video, which was obtained by Manchester Evening News, shows one person throwing a doll to the floor as she shouts: “Die baby, die”.

A co-worker then asks: “How do you feel that you’ve just done that? How do you feel?”

The first woman laughs as she responds: “Great, because [resident’s name] is upset.”

The doll is also shown being dragged around on the floor with a red leash. The same leash is seen wrapped around the doll as it is pictured in a cooking pot.

Silverdale Care Homes managers have cooperated fully with a police enquiry into the incident, and are said to have taken immediate action.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that a complaint has been made.


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