Abena and wearable sensor specialist MediSens are targeting the UK care home market with a revolutionary continence aid product.

Equipped with a unique digital sensor and wireless connection, the Abena Nova continence aid helps promote skin integrity by continuously registering changes in wetness levels.

Abena UK CEO and Managing Director Julia Harrison told CHP: “Abena Nova will revolutionise the care sector in the UK. Abena Nova means no longer having to wake residents through the night to change wet underwear. We want to put the resident at the centre of care.”

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Having been successfully trialled in the Netherlands over the past year, Abena Nova is now preparing a roll-out in UK care homes.

The continence aid is fully breathable and skin sensitive to provide maximum comfort and prevent infection.

Julia told us that early trials of the product indicated it can eradicate incontinence associated dermatitis.

The aid, which is compatible with digital care planning systems, provides real time wetness alerts and information to carers’ mobile devices through an App.

Abena Nova helps reduce product, clinical waste and laundry costs as well as removing the need for time consuming wetness checks.

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