Seven clues to solving the care home cleaning problem


Healthcare supply company NHG has provided seven clues to help providers keep their homes clean.

Clue # 1 – First impressions count

So it’s crucial to give due attention to your care home’s front door and reception area.

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Keep the brass shining and the area free of leaves, cobwebs and dust. You might have vacuumed the floor, but is it clean and stain free?

It’s practically impossible to undo a bad first impression, even if the rest of your care home is gleaming. So that polish is a must in your cleaning supplies cupboard!

Clue # 2 – Hoists ahoy

Care home equipment is frequently neglected, with cleaners claiming it’s the carers’ job and vice versa!

It doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t matter who does it. Just make sure that the job of cleaning equipment used to handle patients – hoists, for example – is assigned to a particular team.

They’ll tackle equipment most effectively with a disinfectant cleaning multi surface wipe.

Clue # 3 – You need to scale back

If your home is based in the south of England, you’ll be familiar with battling the heavy limescale.

It’s good practice to descale your appliances, taps and shower heads on a regular basis with limescale remover.

Clue # 4 – Mattress matters

Left unattended, mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for all manner of nasties. So make sure that you check yours every month:

Examine the cover for staining and wear.

Unzip foam type mattresses and check for strike through.

Clean and disinfect every mattress with a multi surface wipe that’s suitable for the material cover.

Clue # 5 – Search high

The tops of wardrobes. Picture rails. High ledges.

Time is short and your domestic teams have a huge amount to do. But these areas are typically neglected. And because they’re higher, it’s easier for dust to spread from there to elsewhere.

So it’s vital to keep these areas free of dust.

Clue # 6 And low

Remember, germs, dirt and dust aren’t confined to the top of surfaces.

You need to regularly monitor the underneath of care home furniture too. So make sure your team pays close attention to the undersides of:

Over-bed tables.

Chair arms.

Dining tables.

And don’t forget the door handles!

Clue # 7 Keep your nose to the ground

We’re talking about your care home floors, of course! Floor cleaning is critical for three very good reasons:

Safety – Dirty slippery floors are likely to cause accidents for residents and staff.

Smell – A festering floor will give off an unpleasant odour.

Sight – And we’re back to where we started: first impressions!

That’s why it’s worth investing in a premium cleaning solution – see our floorcare range. It’ll make all the difference.

Follow all the clues for a clean, germ free care home.

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