Senior care home worker who slapped resident jailed for eight months


A care home worker has been jailed for eight months after been found guilty of mistreating residents.

Care Dawn Graham was handed the sentence at Carlisle Crown Court after being convicted of three charges, including force feeding an elderly resident and slapping another across the face, the BBC reported.

The court heard that Ms Graham, who was later sacked, rammed spoonful’s of hot food into a woman’s mouth and wrapped her arms in a nightie while telling her to “shut up and open your mouth”, during her employment at Heron Hill care home in Kendal, Cumbria in 2018.

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She also repeatedly slapped an 80 year-old man’s hands and was violent to another resident at the home.

Judge Nicholas Barker said her three victims were “essentially helpless, extremely vulnerable, unable to do anything for themselves”.

“They were entirely in the hands of those who cared for them,” he added. “In my judgement, you were ill-suited to this line of work. You did not have the temperament; you did not have the patience.

“There is a breach of trust here. You breached it in an egregious way affecting the most vulnerable.”

A spokesman for Abbey Healthcare, which runs the home, told us: “Carla Graham was employed at Heron Hill as a member of care staff. Her colleagues whistleblew to the home’s management when they suspected neglect was taking place.

“At this point the management team informed safeguarding, CQC and the police. Ms Graham was also dismissed from her post. Any allegations of neglect or abuse are treated with the upmost concern by Heron Hill. It is testament to the staff coming forwards that this individual was charged and convicted on these charges. At Abbey Healthcare the safety and wellbeing of our residents is our priority and staff are always encouraged to come forward with any concerns which they have and we have supported our staff through this challenging time. This is a historic case going back to 2018 and is now concluded after three years.”

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