The pressure on social adult care is severe. To optimise performance a lot of care homes are investing time understanding how digital transformation can improve their efficiency and boost care quality.

Sekoia has gathered eight steps to bear in mind when switching from paper based care documentation to a digital solution.

Technical clarity and naming success criteria

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The very first step of implementing digital care planning software is to make sure that the technical bits and pieces are set up correctly. This includes installation of software and setting up hardware if relevant. In this phase success criteria are formulated. By doing this early on everyone knows the aim of going digital.

Start of the project

When the software is set up, it is easier for the supplier alongside the project management to plan the time scale of the implementation. Knowing the criteria for success you can tailor the implementation plan around these to achieve most likelihood of success.

Management meeting

After setting up the overall timetable, it is time to introduce the plan to the local management team. It is paramount to underline the specific aims and advantages to the rest of the local team. Be clear when defining everyone’s role in the implementation to secure that enthusiasm is conveyed to all colleagues and employees.

Kick off

At kick off, the remaining employees are introduced to digital care planning. Adjusting from paper-based documentation and work flows to a digital solution can be hard. Hence, maintaining the local managers as your biggest supporters is important, continuously explaining the purpose of change. And in short, what’s in it for me?

Train super users

When the employees feel comfortable with their role in the system, it is time to train super users. Assisting and inspiring their colleagues, these users can embrace the change process in their daily work.

The super users at work

It is one thing to train super users in a safe and non-operational mode, but to set them free and practice while working is another thing. Sekoia recommends doing this, as testing out skills when dealing with actual tasks helps everyone get off to a good start. Focus is on succeeding and feeling proud to be part of the digital transformation.

Employee training

When training users it is important to spend plenty of time on ‘why’ you are moving away from paper documentation. What good does it do? And ultimately what is in it for everyone? In this phase the inclusion of super users is very important. They carry a lot of understanding and weight here.

Going live

Marking the “switch date(s)” shows the culmination of the organisation’s work. Many IT projects meet their demise, because the primary users fail to see the advantages of the product. Monitor and follow up on utilisation and thoughts. Do not treat the implementation as finished just because you have gone live with the tech!


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