Secrets of recruiting and retaining staff revealed

Sharon Allen

The secrets of recruiting and retention of social care staff are revealed in a new Skills for Care report.

The Secrets of Success study says quality training, positive working conditions, flexibility and competitive pay rates are key to finding and keeping staff with the right values to deliver quality care and support.

Skills for Care CEO Sharon Allen (pictured) said: “This report is unique because for the first time we have taken a forensic look at what works rather than just things that don’t. We can share that knowledge with other organisations and individuals who also want to recruit the right people and then retain them so the people who use their services get consistently high quality support.

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“The data we have collected from all the organisations and individuals who have so generously shared their hard won experiences means we can see the things they have in common and, most importantly, that most of what we have learnt can be implemented in adult social care at little or no cost.

“There are implications of paying above the National Living Wage, which may be partly offset by reducing recruitment costs, and it is imperative that any funding settlements take into account the needs of adult social care organisations.

“As one employer noted “when recruiting we have in our minds ‘would we like them to look after our family member?’”. All the learning in this report is driven by that idea because if organisations and individuals recruit and retain people with the right values and behaviours, then the result will be high quality service delivery.”

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