Second carer re-tests positive for COVID-19 at Skye care home

Home Farm

A second carer has retested positive for COVID-19 at a Skye care home operated by HC-One.

NHS Highland confirmed that a member of staff at Home Farm had re-tested positive for COVID-19.

The carer had originally contracted the virus in the early stages of the outbreak at the home, which suffered 10 fatalities, and had returned work after testing negative.

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It is the second positive retesting of a care worker at the home after a case was reported last month.

NHS Highland said the staff member had been advised to isolate and contact tracing had been undertaken.

The Health Board has also begun the process of re-testing individuals and the home has been closed to new admissions.

NHS Highland said international evidence was emerging of some people having prolonged positive swab results and others having negative and positive results over many weeks.

It said an ongoing positive result did not mean the individual was still infectious or posed a risked to others, however, a precautionary approach was required when it was combined with new symptoms.

A spokesperson for the home said the retesting of all residents and colleagues was being carried out “as a matter of priority” at the home.

Home Farm has been closed to non-essential visitors and socially distant visits have ceased for 28 days.

“Home Farm has continued to have the highest standards of infection control and before this result, the home had seen no new positive tests for 56 days,” the spokesperson said.

“We are continuing to work in partnership with the NHS and our residents are our number one priority.”

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