SCIE report calls for ambitious overhaul of housing with care and support

Paul Burstow

A new SCIE report has called for ambitious plans for housing with care and support to be at the heart of the social care White Paper.

The report calls for a ten-year strategy for housing with care and support including an overhaul of panning, commissioning, design and delivery.

SCIE’s Chair, Rt Hon Paul Burstow, also Co-chair of the Commission on Housing and Care, (pictured) said: “No decision about care and support should be made without considering where people live. This report is a wake-up call: It makes a compelling case for investing in innovative housing with care and raising public awareness of their later life housing options. Better housing can help people to live in places that matter to them as they age, to remain independent as long as possible and stay connected with their family, friends and communities.”

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The report includes a number of recommendations for national government, for local authorities and local partners, and for developers and providers and paints a picture of what the route to achieving more choice, more consistently provides could look like.

For national government

Create a national long-term vision and strategy for housing with care and support for older people, co-produced with people with lived experience and other key stakeholders

Legislate for a new Housing Future Fund that obliges partners in local places including the NHS and local authorities to pool statutory funding and work together to develop a single plan for housing for older people

Streamline and simplify the national planning framework and guidance to encourage greater levels of investment in housing with care and support development

Increase capital investment in housing with care developments particular of approaches to housing with care which support people to live independently

Invest in improved information, advice and advocacy to support people to find the right option for them.

For local authorities and local partners

Form local partnerships to produce a single plan for improving housing for older people within a local place, co-produced with people who draw on support

Establish and resource local co-production forums made up of, and speaking for, older people from all kinds of backgrounds, to influence planning, commissioning and design of housing.

For developers and providers

Provide a diverse range of different housing with care and support options for older people, broadening choice at all levels of affordability

The Commission believes that as much as is feasible, people should be supported to live in their own homes if they choose to, but there will always be some people who need or want to move from their original home and they should have a range of suitable choices available to them, locally.


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  1. Again, yes. I don’t think any social care resident should be limited to either just supported-living accommodation, or just care homes. There needs to be other kinds of care settings, because everyone is different. What makes me frustrated, is sometimes if anyone gets a supported-living flat, sometimes the kitchen is always really small. Not sure why. It’s always been like that. I don’t understand why the kitchens have to always be tiny. Why can’t supported-living flats just have the same four rooms as big as council flats? It doesn’t make sense, but anyway.

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