Ruth Lee training solution is the best by a social distance

Care home training equipment manufacturer Ruth Lee explains how its manikins helps minimise person-to-person contact during social distancing.

Going back to the start of 2020, no one could have guessed the extent that COVID-19 would impact our everyday lives.  Previously, little used terms such as ‘social-distancing’ are now commonly used and for some, they will always instil a feeling of anxiety when it comes to working closely alongside others.

Obviously, in the care sector, close person-to-person contact is a way of life and part of the job. But what can we do in training to minimise the risk of close bodily contact whilst still gaining the essential skills to provide outstanding care? After all, at some point, we will need to practise moving and handling and other first aid or nursing skills – online learning will only take you so far!

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Perhaps then, the solution is simple – use a dummy! Training manikins can provide an excellent alternative to practising on one another, providing a challenging weight and bulk whilst minimising the risk of person-to-person contact.

Ruth Lee Ltd has a range of manikins, having worked with health and care providers for many years – and can provide suitable models for essential patient handling, emergency evacuation and first aid skills training. They can be used to demonstrate and practise how to safely manoeuvre someone into a wheelchair or hoist, even a stair lift, or even to practise how to put a casualty into the recovery position.

Manikins provided for the health and social care industry are typically dressed in pyjamas which are easily removed for washing and the carcass of the manikin can be scrubbed using a mild detergent – allowing for strict hygiene measures.

Already, since COVID-19 lockdown began, Ruth Lee Ltd has seen a surge in interest in their manikins from care providers all over the country – all of whom are looking for ways to ensure that their teams, including newly recruited carers to replace those self-isolating, are skilled to provide the very best care possible.

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