Robotic floor cleaners cut care home infection risk by 41%

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A team of floor cleaning robots has helped slash care home infection risk in a government trial.

The trial, which was funded by Innovate UK as part of the fight against COVID-19 and provided by The Perfect Little Company (TPLC), used advanced ATP testing equipment, commercial robotic vacuums and antiviral surface cleaner.

The Abbee robots were used to clean floors in 25 care homes where results showed that pathogen levels dropped by 41% in three days.

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Gary Abbey, CEO of Blossom View Respite Home who participated in the trial, commented: “We have really enjoyed being part of the trial.  The robots are a good addition to save time and allow staff to focus their time on high frequency touch points. I think this type of technology can improve standards of infection control.”

According to the survey, 35% of care home staff ‘strongly agreed’ that robotic cleaning saved their staff time. Additionally, 88% also agreed or strongly agreed that robotic cleaning has a useful role alongside manual cleaning with all of the care homes agreeing the automated vacuum solution was easy to use.

Michael Richardson, CEO of TPLC, said: “A huge thanks to all contributing care homes.  As is regularly the case with new learning and testing, it is the contribution of the few that creates the benefits for the many.

“By being part of the trial, we have successfully proved that pathogen levels are reduced by using robots and that staff time is saved so teams can concentrate on the more important tasks at this time – such as touch points.

“With these findings, we believe, our automated solution would suit premises such as schools and GP surgeries – where cleaning is outside of opening hours and reducing transmission is paramount.”

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