Restrictions on staff movement relaxed due to capacity concerns

staff movement

Restrictions on staff movement between care homes have been relaxed in ‘limited circumstances’ in new government guidance.

The updated guidance published yesterday says staff movement may be needed to help providers and local authorities plan proactively for specific requirements or capacity concerns and ensure continuity of care.

Examples of where staff may be allowed include:

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managing periods of unplanned staff absence to ensure services have sufficient contingency in their staffing capacity;

where there are specific concerns regarding capacity that cannot be mitigated through the provider’s workforce planning measures;

ensuring the availability of specialised staff including specialist trainers and educators; and

providing continuity of care staff where there is a specific risk to the resident’s well-being.

Restrictions can be eased in these circumstances provided staff are fully vaccinated with a least two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

It is also recommended that staff moving between healthcare settings have had a COVID-19 booster and a recent flu vaccination unless exempt.

Providers should ensure that staff, including agency workers, are participating in their testing regime and should also prepare a risk assessment.

For the full guidance, click here.


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