Resident lost 18% of body weight in three months at Inadequate care home

Chilton Meadows

A resident lost 18% of their body weight in three months at a care home rated Inadequate by the CQC.

Bupa’s Chilton Meadows in Stowmarket, Suffolk was rated Inadequate by the CQC following an inspection in March.

The inspection was carried out after the CQC received concerns over a number of falls and incidents at the service.

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Inspectors found people were not protected from the risk of malnutrition with one person having lost 17.9% of their body weight in three months.

Uncovered hot radiator pipes that could cause burns if people were to fall against them were also found throughout the service with hot water also reaching scalding temperatures.

Many people were observed as being “disengaged” or displaying distressed behaviours with one person walking around unsupported and inappropriately dressed.

The CQC said the service had a “history of non-compliance” having only been rated ‘good’ and been compliant with all regulations at one of five inspections carried out since 2015.

Bupa told CHP it had acted immediately on hearing the CQC’s concerns by covering exposed pipes and fixing the water system.

New staff have been recruited and targeted training has been delivered from experts in care planning, maintaining medical records and dementia care.

Additional support has also been brought in for the management team to promote best practice.

Bupa said it had also refreshed its approach to providing meaningful and engaging activities for residents.

Barry Yarnley, Managing Director for Chilton Meadows care home, said: “We’re committed to providing quality care, and had a detailed improvement plan already in place at the home. This has been accelerated in the three months since the inspection and we have made significant improvements. Suffolk’s local authority team has confirmed these changes have already had a positive impact, and we are working together to implement long-term outcomes.”


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  1. “Additional support has also been brought in for the management team to promote best practice”

    I despair at these providers.

    Last year I had two interviews with a large provider in similar shape. They wanted a new registered manager or alternatively deputy manager with care compliance experience.

    Turned up and found a room full of managers, three consultancy types, two HR lasses, regional manager, area manager, a crisis management team and me.

    “Think I’m in the wrong meeting or building here. For a moment I thought you were paying a good £100k for this fine flock of managers but that’d be just plain daft wouldn’t it? Do apologise everyone I’m out your hair”

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