Research exposes ‘deep divide’ between care owners and staff on reporting systems

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New research has revealed a deep divide between owners and staff in the care sector on reporting systems and issues management. 

The study of 180 respondents in the UK care sector shows that at least 50% of employees are unhappy with current reporting systems and the management of reported issues, with 25% of staff not comfortable with reporting concerns at all. By contrast, 100% of owners felt the systems they had in place were adequate.

Paul Adams co-founder and director at Say So, said: “I cannot understand why leaders in the care sector are resistant to being more open and transparent. Every organisation has issues, whether they acknowledge it or not. You need to get in early with a plan to deal with concerns. Having an infrastructure of a speak-up policy is key to support the individual who is brave enough to raise issues, because they need to feel safe and confident, they will be listened to.”

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Staff indicated the most important outcome when reporting concerns was to resolve the issue, with keeping their job a close second. Paul said this showed a genuine wish from staff to resolve issues, but an insecurity that doing so could see them lose their job.

The business director urged care providers “to be brave” and put an impartial third-party reporting system in place to reassure employees and give them the confidence to speak up.

“At the same time this will help owners ensure they have the right systems and procedures in place to manage and investigate issues, before they escalate into potentially damaging situations,” Paul said.

“This also provides evidence to key stakeholders and inspectors that care providers have good governance and are trying to go the extra mile to support staff and create a positive workplace culture that removes patterns of behaviour that are negative.”

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