A remote diagnostic solution provided by healthcare company Medicspot is providing GP access to care home residents during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The NHS-approved video conference hubs enable GPs to take clinical measurements of residents without them needing to visit the home.

Willow’s Medical Centre, a GP surgery in Leicester, has recently installed Medicspot across four care homes and found significant benefits in time-saving and efficiency to patients, who are assessed with the help of a resident carer.

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Dr Vinay Gupta, a GP partner with Willow’s Care Home in Leicester, said: “I was introduced to Medicspot through my partner, Professor Rishabh Prasad, and made it a reality operationally with my other partners. Feedback has been very positive and it has been a particularly useful tool for diagnosis in the current pandemic.

“It has reduced the time of one care home visit from up to an hour, down to just 15–20 minutes and so will continue to be exceptionally useful even after the outbreak has passed. I believe incorporating more tech will be the way forward for healthcare and we will see much more remote diagnosis come into play across the healthcare system.”

Dr Zubair Ahmed, GP and Medicspot CEO, added: “This innovative technology significantly improves efficiency in providing healthcare to care homes and importantly allows residents quick access to a GP when required.

“Improving the digital links between care homes and other parts of the health system is essential if we want to do even better at providing holistic care to care home residents.”

Eleven care homes in Leicester and Nottinghamshire are using the technology with training and installation provided by Medicspot, supported by a strong supply chain through its East Sussex manufacturer.

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