Remniscent exhibits Smell & Connect at Health+Care


Remniscent is exhibiting at Health+Care this week to demonstrate hot its Smell & Connect shared sensory experience can help carers engage better with residents suffering from dementia.

Smell & Connect is a tool that combines images with scent to strengthen engagement ; the smell can provide an additional channel for communication when cognition is affected by dementia. It is a simple concept with a powerful effect; the smell of Fresh Cut Grass or Tomato Plant launches a chat about gardening prowess, a waft of Baby Powder or Fresh Washed Laundry leads to a discussion about family. Scent can bring a moment of pleasure and unleash memories of activities, places and people.

As a stand-alone experience or as part of a full sensory activity, the Smell & Connect  cards are an innovation that takes the art of conversation into a new dimension.  Sharing the images and scent is a fun and easy way for people to engage with each other.  Facial expression is a powerful conveyor of emotion – so opinion can be shared, without the need for words, making Smell & Connect suitable for use across a wide range of conditions and stages of dementia.

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Smell & Connect is able to bring people together in a hugely pleasurable way. The sense of smell has, until now, been under utilised in dementia therapy – though the power of sensory activity is well recognised. Scent is a magic ingredient that can be enjoyed on many different levels. In ReminiScent’s trials of Smell & Connect, even people with communication issues engaged in the activity and enjoyed  the experience.  Smell & Connect is a very powerful aide for therapists and families  alike.

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