Polyflor warns care homes of dangers of slippery kitchen floors

Polyflor Commercial Kitchen Slip Resistance Guide-1

Polyflor, a specialist in flooring for commercial kitchens, is urging care homes to ensure their catering areas are safe and sustainable by installing the correct products underfoot.

“In food processing, production and commercial kitchen environments with high traffic and frequent spillages of high viscosity contaminants, the specified safety flooring needs to last the pace and provide slip resistance that is sustainable,” John Mellor, Polyflor’s safety flooring product manager, says.

Polyflor offers two specialist ranges: Polysafe Apex and Polysafe Ultima, both of which comply with Health and Safety Executive guidelines for commercial kitchens.

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Floors achieve a 40+ rating on the pendulum scale, which measures how much protection they deliver against people slipping.

“In these intensive areas, the regular spillage of cooking oil, grease and wet contaminants creates the potential for the formation of a squeeze film – heavily compressed fluid trapped between shoe and floor which prevents solid-to-solid contact and would pose a slip risk if incorrect flooring is specified. The more viscous the contaminant, the higher level of surface roughness is required,” Mellor explains.

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