Police record almost £1m per year being stolen from care home residents

jewellery theft

Almost one million pounds worth of jewellery, cash and other possessions are being stolen every year from elderly residents in care homes.

The Mail on Sunday asked police forces across the country for details of care home incidents and calculated that more than five thefts per day have been recorded over the past three and a half years, with a total of £2.7 million worth of money and goods being stolen.

The crimes also included scams that allowed criminals to steal from residents’ bank accounts.

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Greater Manchester Police recorded the highest number of thefts, with 1,031 incidents, with £426,713 stolen in the three-and-a-half years from January 2012.
“These figures are likely to only be the tip of the iceberg,” said Eileen Chubb, founder and director of charity Compassion In Care. “We need to improve the checks on people getting jobs in care homes.”

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